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Now that there are over 7 years of articles here, to make it easier to find information on ParentingAces, I figured I’d assemble everything having to do with the how-tos of junior tennis in one place and arrange them into the following categories:



Coaching, Training, & Learning



College Tennis

With some of the pieces, the Comments may be more helpful than the article itself, so be sure to read through them, too. Just click on the titles below to go directly to the articles. In addition, there are several podcasts on the Radio Show page that address the how-tos of our sport – you can scroll through them and listen here. Hope you find this helpful!


How to register for USTA tournaments – a video guide to using TennisLink

How player selections are made for the National Hardcourts

How wildcards are selected for national tournaments

How to understand where your tournament fees go

How ITF Junior Tournaments work

How to navigate the USTA website

How to pack when you have to fly to a tournament

How to pack for a tournament

How to find alternatives to USTA junior tournaments

How to play when you’re facing a friend

How to sign up for a USTA tournament


How to understand

How to understand USTA rankings

How to understand Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR)

How to Use Ratings & Rankings

Coaching, Training, & Learning

How to learn the rules of tennis

How to prepare for training in another country

How to learn from watching pro matches

How to know it’s time to change coaches

How to find a qualified fitness trainer

How to find summer tennis camps

How to choose a junior coach (Part 1)

How to choose a junior coach (Part 2)

How to choose a junior coach (Part 3)


How to advocate for your junior player

How to decide whether to homeschool

How to choose between Home School & Traditional School

How to deal with cheating

How to maintain a positive relationship with your child


How to build a fence mount for your video camera

How to edit and share player video

How to choose the proper equipment for your child

College Tennis

How to navigate the college recruiting process

How to behave on court when college coaches are watching

How to make the most of a trip to the NCAA Championships

How to catch the attention of college coaches

4 thoughts on “How-Tos

  1. I have really enjoyed your lists and other articles and have shared your site with many other parents. I appreciate all the effort as well as your willingness to share info on navigating this strange world of competitive junior tennis!

    1. Leanne, thank you so much for your sweet comment! If there’s anything you’d like to see on the site that we’re currently missing, please let me know. 🙂

  2. great information. as this my first time here In New York city infomation for junior players can be spotty and coveted to only those in the know. So I pose a the question on how I can go about finding information about workshops for junior players in regards to recruitment. My son is 14.

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