1. Regarding Williams/Nadal - I think that those coaches are "outliers" in that they operate from within the family unit so they have a different rapport/chemistry with the athlete. Some of the components mentioned are intended for parents who look to outsiders for assistance.

    • I agree, Ini, that they are the exception rather than the norm. Of course, Venus, Serena, and Rafa are exceptions, too!

  2. In most other high skill level team sports you'll find coaches who are designated as "specialists" in certain areas. Baseball, for example, has pitching coaches, batting coaches, base running coaches and so on. Why should it be any different in tennis?

    • The only problem, Karl, is that it would be prohibitively expensive to have, for example, a Forehand coach, a Backhand coach, etc. As it stands now, my husband and I are paying academy fees, private lesson fees, fitness training fees, and - every now and then - physical therapy, doctors, medications, and nutritionist fees, too. We also have the option at our son's academy of paying a footwork coach and a mental toughness coach though we opt out of those two things.

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