1. Well written and detailed information. I only wish we had a stringer who really knows his trade. Believe it or not, at the academy my kid attends, they don't have one of those, they have a cashier who got some training and now he strings racquets! There was a guy who knew a lot a year ago for a few months and he is gone. And I've checked many other shops that string but nobody seems to know much about strings. And we live in a large city on the East Coast so you would think somebody would know, but I had to rely on my son's coach for this information and also on a very kind Head representative.

    • Em, please see Tim's comment below. I just hung up the phone with him and he wants to help you locate someone qualified! :)

  2. Contact me by going to the IART website at www.gssalliance.com and use the "Contact Us" form and please select "Contact IART Executive Director"

  3. Thanks so much for contact info. I will e-mail tomorrow. Many thanks.

  4. We've had 2 Master Stringers since my daughter was 6. Independently they told me Coaches (99%) know little to nothing about Racquets/Strings. Now she's 12 I can attest to that! Friends have kids with wrist issues/shoulder problems/elbow issues and they all originated from what my stringers relayed were using the WRONG equipment. They changed and things improved. Someone told me get my own machine, I feel with yearly changes no need as the conversations I have with her stringer are priceless. For example several MFGs have offered free equipment, and we declined and was told one Racquet maker uses old molds from a another major racquet maker. Also I've got probably 20 reels, and 40+ packs of string given to us and yes I appreciate freebies but not when it comes to her setup. SO watch out, Gypsies everywhere…..

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