1. A list of South Carolina tennis camps is available at www.sctennis.com/camps.

  2. I highly recommend Ed Krass’s College Tennis Exposure Camps. My daughter, Jessie, attended 4-5 different camp sessions at Lehigh University, Brown University and the University of South Florida. All the teaching pros are current college coaches. There are informational seminars for students and parents (only the first day for parents). The kids are taught about NCAA and contacting coaches as well as being trained on court by these college coaches. Different weeks there are different coaches there and the list is subject to change, but parents and players can look at the list and see which coaches you would like to get to know better and who you would like to get to know you better and choose those sessions. Jessie, who is graduating from Binghamton University next month, met the then Binghamton coach at the camp. She also gained valuable knowledge about the process and made connections with other coaches as well. The camps are well supervised and there are fun activities at night.

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  4. I am going to recommend any tennis camp with the word college in it. Recruiting showcases and college weeks sponsored run by college coaches. Why? This is match play at its best where kids are on their best behavior.

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