Preparing for June 15th: The Unofficial Start of the Recruiting Process

Danielle McNamara of DLM Coaching recently offered a free webinar to junior players who want to play college tennis and agreed to let us share the...

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When I hear a parent talking about his or her child's tennis and saying things like, "Yes,...

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2024 ITA Summer Series

One of my favorite summer competition opportunities is back for 2024: the ITA Summer Series. These tournaments are a great way for junior players to gauge their level against...

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Tournament Tough Training Camps are renowned for their decades of contribution to committed tournament-level junior players. Tournament Tough is back and is now directed by the father-son duo, Carlos and Josh Goffi, at the University of South Carolina. They are offering two sessions (Week 1 or Week 2) and also a progressive 2-week training program in which participants are evaluated during the first week, compete in a tournament during the weekend, and progress into an individually tailored training on the second week. For maximum retention of the methodology, players are encouraged to commit to the 2-week specialty program.


Week 1: June 24-28, 2024

Week 2: July 1-July 5, 2024

2-week specialty program: June 24-July 5, 2024

For more details and to register, go to

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