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Even the Higher-Ups at USTA will admit that their website is difficult to navigate.  Well, really, that’s an understatement.  USTA has gone to great lengths to put some very helpful information on their site – the problem is that the average visitor can’t find it!  So, in the name of identify-problem-create-solution, below is a list of links to some of the information I’ve found to be useful in navigating the world of Junior Tennis.  You might want to print out this list and keep it handy then add to it as you discover more sub-pages.  If you have found any other useful articles at, please add them in the Comments section below.

USTA Section Pages:

Click on the Find Your Section box in the top right corner of the homepage to determine in which section you live, then click on the appropriate link below.  Your section page will likely have a tab at the top titled “Juniors” or “Junior Players” – click there to get information on Rules, Points Per Round (for ranking purposes), Tournament Schedules, Junior Team Tennis, and more.

USTA Junior Competition Page:

All of the information listed below can be found under the Players & Parents Link on the Junior Competition page:

  • Email address for questions pertaining to Junior Tournaments and Rankings: [email protected]
  • Social Media:

Facebook: JrComp

Twitter: @USTAJrComp

Filing a Grievance

USTA College Tennis page:

You can find the American college rankings at the bottom of this page—kind of fun to keep an eye on!

Going to College or Turning Pro: Making an Informed Decision (10/2010):

International Player Study & FAQ (4/2010):

      • Social Media:


Twitter: @ustacollege10s



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