College Recruiting

In order to help you organize your Junior Player’s college recruiting efforts, we pulled together a list of resources for you. Please have a look at the following services, websites, podcasts, and other material to keep your Junior on track! Definitely let us know if we’ve left off anyone or anything!

Getting Started

Recruiting Timeline

USTA College Tennis Links

UTR Recruiting Resources

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a College

Stop The Insanity Video Series with John Falbo


College Tennis Divisions Explained

NCAA Recruiting Facts: Divisions I, II, and III differences


Why I’m Choosing DIII

Player Portals

NCAA Eligibility Center: Your Junior Player MUST register here in order to become eligible to play at any NCAA Division I, II, or III school.

TennisRecruiting: Your Junior should create a free profile to become more visible to college coaches.

UTR: Your Junior should be sure to “capture” his/her profile and update as needed.

Coaches & Coach Review Sites

LRT Sports

College Coaches Panel Discussion

Recruiting Consultants

Crosscourt Consulting

Donovan Tennis Strategies


Sandy Franz

Tennis Smart

NCAA Resources

National Letter of Intent (NLI)

Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

Want to Transfer?

Financial Aid Resources & Understanding Scholarships

NCAA Scholarships & Grants: NCAA offers more than just athletic scholarships

FAFSA: Federal student loan and grant information

Is My Athletic Scholarship Guaranteed?: LRT Sports explains how Division I athletic scholarships work and whether or not they are guaranteed throughout an athlete’s college career.

Looking For A Full Ride: Podcast with Renee Lopez discussing how student-athletes can maximize their financial aid.

Talk College To Me with Marisa Meddin: Podcast with financial aid consultant, Marisa Meddin.

Information on Tennis Prize Money & Eligibility

College Rankings

NCAA: At this link, you can change the gender and division to see all current rankings.



College Tennis Today: Click the Rankings tab at the top to see a variety of lists.

Additional Resources

More ParentingAces Links

How to Use UTR Fit

College Recruiting & Transferring

Understanding International Recruiting

D1 Only Podcast with Morgan Stone

The Junior Coach’s Role in College Recruiting

What Traits Do Successful College Athletes Possess

NCAA’s 6-month rule

College Team Directory: You can search all college tennis programs by gender, division, and conference. Simply click on the grey Team Directory link to the left above the default DI Men’s list shown.

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