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From time to time, ParentingAces and its creator, Lisa Stone, are featured on other media outlets. It’s a way for you to learn the history and background of ParentingAces and why we exist! See a full list of articles, interviews, and podcasts here (click the title to open in a new window)

Vida Tennis Podcast: Listen to Your Parents! with Lisa Stone

Episode #5 at The Tribe with Lisa Stone

Mastering the Game of Tennis Parenting: An Interview with Lisa Stone-of-parentingaces

Discussing King Richard — Interview: Parenting Aces’ Lisa Stone — Must-click women’s tennis links

TBD Tennis Talks: Episode 27 Lisa Stone

Great Shot Podcast: USTA Girls 16s/18s Nationals Recap + NIL Talk ft. ParentingAces’ Lisa Stone 

Cracked Racquets Podcast: NIL Ruling Impact on College Tennis ft. ParentingAces’ Lisa Stone

Daily Grind Podcast

Collegiate Athletics: Scholarships and the Recruiting Process ft. Lisa Stone

Lisa Stone Talks Tennis with Little Mo Club

How to Develop Successful Junior & College Tennis Players with Lisa Stone

How Parents Can Help Their Tennis Playing Kids: Tweener Head Tennis interview with Lisa Stone

ParentingAces: Guiding parents & children through tennis with Lisa Stone

Tennis Lifestyle Podcast with Lisa Stone (Part 1)

Tennis Lifestyle Podcast with Lisa Stone Part 2

Elite Tennis Podcast with Lisa Stone

UTR Real Story: Lisa Stone

The Problem with ‘Good Job’

Expert Interview – How to Build Your Profile and Achieve Expert Status – Lisa Stone

An Interview with Lisa Stone, The Tennis Mom Behind the Parenting Aces Blog

Lisa Stone – Founder of ParentingAces Talks About College and Academy Tennis

An Interview with Lisa Stone, The Tennis Mom Behind the Parenting Aces Blog

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