1. Hi Lisa Just wanted to share my appreciation for adding the SportParentSupport.com link to your site. Your site looks great and if you want me to do a guest article at any time I would be more than happy to. Also, if you want a pre-paid registration code to gain access to the secure sections of SportParentSupport.com let me know at anthony@sportparentsupport.com and I will email you instructions. Cheers Anthony Ross

    • anthony, i would love to take you up on your offer! i will email you privately to get more info. thank you for your kind words - please feel free to share the blog with anyone you think might benefit. best, lisa

  2. Added your link to my site. Hopefully, my site can provide info for some of your followers and you can add it to your Links page. I really enjoy reading your blog from the tennis parent perspective. Hope to read many more of your posts!

  3. Like to exchange Links. I have a very active tennis blog. I found your site useful and will probably refer to it more often. http://adirondacktennis.wordpress.com/

    • thank you for your comment! i added a link to your blog and would love for you to do the same.

  4. http://youthsportsitsforthekids.wordpress.com/ Not a tennis site, but feel free to add if you think it may be useful as I try to blog about youth sports in general

  5. Your website and you are a very positive impact to the tennis world. You make children "BELIEVE" Thanks

    • how are you. Could you add my website and my serving autism group to your website. I am no longer in new Zealand. I am know helping Autistic children and regular players in the United States. Email me so we can catch up,

  6. Tennis social networking, gaming and tennis video site for kids ages 6-66

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  8. Lisa- I can't read the entry you wrote 9/16/12 on equipment (home page says it can't find). Can you repost it? thanks.

    • sorry! i accidentally hit the "publish" button when i meant to click the "preview" button! i will post the article tomorrow - still working on a couple of details!

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