1. I'm a subscriber to UTR and I don't see any Fit feature.

    • David, once you log in, you can click on this link (https://t.co/T0VnnROQKi) to open the Fit search. You'll enter the player's UTR then use the dropdown boxes to set the other parameters for your search.

    • I suspect it is under the premium package (most expensive at $8.95 a month). I pay $5 a month and I don't see it either.

  2. UTR Adds New Recruiting Aid – Universal Tennis

  3. Lisa, you mentioned in your article... "UTR Fit doesn’t specifically return teams where a junior’s UTR would project them potentially in the top/number 1 position (though wouldn’t that be a great feature for future iterations?!?!)..." We think this is a very good suggestion. Our Dev Team is working on it right now. Team UTR

    • UTR Fit now allows you to search for college teams, where you can change your projected roster position. Image via Twitter: https://twitter.com/UniversalTennis/status/829141833825533952

      • This is so great! Readers, you just have to click on the little gear icon then enter which position in the lineup you're aiming for - UTR does the rest for you. Very cool!

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