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Top 5 Tips for Tennis Parents


I am often asked for my top tips for Tennis Parents. While it was tough to whittle it down to five, here you go:

Lisa’s Top 5 Tips for Tennis Parents


  1. Be the parent first and foremost. The goal of a Tennis Parent should be to get to the end of this journey with your relationship with your child intact.
  2. Ask your child on a regular basis what their tennis goals are and what they are doing and willing to do to achieve them. Then really listen to the answer. Is the goal theirs or is it yours?
  3. Don’t focus on results. Focus on helping your child get 1% better each time they work on tennis, on court and off. If they put in the work, the ratings and rankings will take care of themselves.
  4. You are an integral part of your child’s tennis team. Educate yourself. Ask questions. Keep the lines of communication open with your child and the coach(es).
  5. Help your child remember why they started playing tennis, why they fell in love with it, and why they continue to play.


    tomokofunayama on 22nd May 2024

    All are good advices. I’m just in a place where my high school junior (girl) is in a negative spiral about her tennis 🙁

    Lisa Stone on 22nd May 2024

    It sounds like you could benefit from a consulting session. Since you are an Annual Member, please schedule your time using our online calendar at – we’re here to help!

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