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Happy Holidays!


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Whatever holiday(s) you celebrate, I want to wish you a season filled with love, laughter, and happiness! I will have 2 of my 3 kids with me over the next couple of weeks and am going to savor this time with family and friends as we settle into our new home.

If you’re traveling to a tournament, please remember to enjoy the Journey and avoid getting too caught up in the minutae that is Junior Tennis. Looking back on our own Journey, I can tell you it’s the moments of togetherness that count, not the bad line calls or the grouchy check-in personnel or the rain delays. Try to focus on the joy of spending time with your child, seeing him or her working hard toward a goal, making new friends, and all the other gifts Junior Tennis provides. Those are the things you’ll hold onto long after this Journey comes to an end.

So, as 2015 comes to a close and we prepare to jump into 2016, please join me in thanking our contributing writers, sponsors, and others who have helped us all be better Tennis Parents. From my family to yours, Happy Holidays!


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