Underground Secrets for Parents to Dominate the Junior and College Tennis Process

Over the past several weeks, former top Junior, College, and Professional tennis player, John Falbo, and I have had multiple conversations about how difficult the junior and college tennis process can be for families. We have discussed the financial burden, the emotional burden, and the time burden involved in helping a young player reach his or her full potential in our sport.  We have also discussed how difficult it is for families to find The Truth when it comes to the Junior Development Pathway and College Recruiting.

After countless phone calls and text messages, John and I came up with the idea of partnering to offer a video series to the ParentingAces Community to help clarify the steps involved in Junior Development and College Recruiting. We want to help you minimize your financial outlay and maximize the chances for a successful end result. The videos cover:

  • Mindset Fit
  • Dream Fit
  • Location Fit
  • Personality Fit
  • Coaching Fit
  • Commitment Fit
  • Educational Fit
  • Financial Fit

John’s company, The College Hunter, is offering its FREE assessment plus a FREE copy of John’s book, Diaries Of A Teenage Warrior – Ten Top Tools To Develop The Mindset Of A Champion!, to everyone in the ParentingAces Community. All you have to do is visit TheCollegeHunter.com to get started!

We are making the first two videos in the series – Mindset Fit and Dream Fit – available to anyone who would like to view them. However, in order to view the remaining 6 you must be a Premium Member of ParentingAces. You can join as a new Member here or upgrade your membership here.

Here are the first two videos for all of you:

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Mindset Fit
Dream Fit

If you find value in these first two videos, become a Premium Member so you can access the rest of the series. And be sure to visit TheCollegeHunter.com to take the complimentary assessment and receive your free copy of John Falbo’s book.

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