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Lisa Stone

Lisa Stone is a Mom who also happens to be a Tennis Mom (or Tennis Zealot, as one friend calls her). The other hats in her ever-expanding wardrobe include Wife, Daughter, Sister, Fitness Consultant, Community Activist, and USTA Volunteer. As the former Chair of the Georgia Governor’s Commission on Physical Fitness & Sports and President of Fit For 2, Inc., Stone been involved in the fitness and sports arena for over 25 years.  She is also a voracious reader and loves movies. As new Empty-Nesters, Stone and her husband recently moved from the Atlanta suburbs into the city. They have 3 grown children – 2 daughters (Emma and Savannah) and a son (Morgan). Stone been playing tennis her entire life though never at the level her son reached. Through and the ParentingAces Podcast, Stone shares what she’s learned about navigating the Junior Tennis Journey and College Recruiting with other parents and coaches who are hungry for her insights and knowledge. She is available for speaking engagements, tournament consulting, and college recruiting guidance.

Note from Lisa: When you’re reading the various articles on ParentingAces, be sure to check out the Comments following the articles as well. My Facebook and Twitter feeds also contain very useful information – just click on the links on the right side of this page to follow me there. To make sure you’re getting the latest articles in a timely manner, subscribe to the site by entering your email address in the box on the right side. This site is a collaborative effort between my readers and me – I value and appreciate your input as we all educate ourselves on being better Tennis Parents.

For more information on Lisa, listen to this interview on the Great Shot Podcast.

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Cell: 404.790.5134
Twitter: @ParentingAces
Instagram: @ParentingAces

Paul AinsworthPaul Ainsworth

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Paul Ainsworth is the father of two mini tennis players. His son is in his second year of under 12s and his daughter is now in her final season of orange tennis. He is the author of the Tennis Dad Blog. Paul has written six books on education and education leadership and is currently drawing on those skills in writing a guide for tennis parents which will focus on the mental struggles. He is based in the UK.

Andy BrandiAndy Brandi

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Andy is the Men’s Tennis Coach at LSU and is the recent recipient of Team USA’s National Coaching Award. Brandi worked at the Harry Hopman Tennis Academy in Largo, Fla., the IMG Bollettieri Academy in Bradenton, Fla., the Evert Academy in Boca Raton, Fla., and the Harold Solomon Tennis Institute in Fort Lauderdale. Andy coached Top 10 WTA players Kathy Rinaldi, Elena Dementieva, Maria Kirilenko and 12-time Grand Slam doubles winner Lisa Raymond. He also traveled with Carling Bassett and Lisa Bonder as former Top-10 players for Nick Bollettieri. On the men’s side, he coached Top-10 player Jay Berger and traveled for Nick Bollettieri with Top-10 players Jimmy Arias and Aaron Krickstein.

0623P_5063-249x300Frank Giampaolo

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Frank Giampaolo is a veteran author whose acclaimed book, The Tennis Parent’s Bible(, is being used by ITF leaders, academy directors, parents, and coaches worldwide. Giampaolo’s innovative approach has earned him numerous honors, including being named the 2001 USPTA Southern California Tennis Director of the Year and being voted a top teaching professional in consecutive years by Southern California Tennis & Golf magazine. Giampaolo founded the Mental–Emotional Tennis Workshop in 2002; since then, participants in the program have gone on to win more than 71 U.S. national titles. His students have won ATP and WTA Tour singles and doubles titles. Giampaolo pioneered the Tennis Parents Workshop in 1998 and has conducted seminars throughout the United States, Mexico, Australia, and Canada. You can contact Frank at

Bill Patton
Bill Patton

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Bill Patton is a 27 year veteran of the Tennis Industry. He is a USPTA Elite, PTR and MTM professional and is known for his mindful approach to coaching and performance. Even though he has not always been a full time tennis coach, over 50 of his players have gone on to play college tennis. Bill is more proud that many more students have gone on to coach tennis. As an author he currently has more titles available on Amazon than any other tennis writer.  His best selling books are “The Art of Coaching High School Tennis” and “Top 5 Strategies and Tactics for Winning Tennis”.  Bill is also the North American distributor of Bones Original Tennis Wear “Be Original, Be Bones!” Bill also hosts a blog radio show You can contact Bill at 510-909-3662 or

10801487_10152670072218393_2171174585849772467_nMelanie Rubin

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Calling Melanie Rubin an experienced Tennis Parent is a bit of an understatement! She has helped both her son and her daughter through their junior tennis development, culminating in college tennis careers for both of them as well as a professional tennis career for son Noah. Melanie is a long-time volunteer with her local USTA as well as other non-profit organizations all the while continuing her career as a Special Education teacher in the Rockville Centre School District. You can contact Melanie on Facebook.

Ryan Segelke

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Ryan, a Colorado native, brings a professional playing background together with Grand Slam level coaching experience to lead the High Altitude Tennis team as CO-Founder and CEO. Ryan’s vision to bring a more individualized and personal approach to the tennis academy world paired with his dedication for a higher standard of tennis coaching led him to establish Colorado’s Premier Junior Tennis Training Center in 2009.

Todd WidomTodd Widom

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Todd Widom is a former Top 200 ATP Professional in both singles and doubles and owner of TW Tennis, South Florida’s top small group/private tennis training geared exclusively for the high performance junior, collegiate or professional tennis player.  Todd obtained a top 5 ranking in US Boys 16’s and, in 2001, held the #1 ranking in US Boys 18’s.  Todd was named Most Valuable Player of the team and conference while attending the University of Miami from 2001 – 2003, and earned the All-American status during these years while playing in the #1 singles slot. Since the summer of 2010, Todd has coached a small, select group of students that have gone on to play at some of the most prestigious universities in the country. You can contact Todd at


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  1. GOOD STUFF, Lisa! Thanks for doing it – and thanks also for plugging HIGH-TECH TENNIS!!! 🙂

    I am reminded of another mother who is doing the same sort of thing… Her son is settling in on a college now so she may not be spending as much time with her blog as she once was? but here’s the link (they live in Nashville):

    Anyway, good luck and please follow/direct others to our TWO blogs: and


  2. Nice site, Lisa! As a racquet technician and, until recently, retail tennis shop owner I have seen young players become teenage players, and on to college players. At each of these periods their racquet and coaching requirements may change.

    I believe in giving the player every advantage and one that is sometimes overlooked is the racquet preparation and consistency of performance. This does not mean they need the very latest racquet or string, however, if there is an issue, like arm, shoulder, wrist issues, or breaking string every few hours, your racquet technician must be able to suggest alternatives.

    Good luck!

  3. Lisa, I like what you have started here. I won’t give you my resume but you can go to our website and learn more about me. I would be interested in helping you any way I can–I believe I have some helpful information for you and your followers as well as offering some perspective on the changes I’ve seen in 20+ years of working with tennis parents. Our website is below and we are on Twitter @AthletesEdgeTen Best of luck to you and your son on our journey and remember this journey has no final destination.

  4. Just saw your website on a post from Mike Barrell. We provide training for coaches and quite a bit for parents about working with kids, especially young kids. If you need anything let me know.


  5. HELP!!! HELP!!!! I am struggling to find tennis programs/tournaments for a bunch of 10 and under kids in the Gwinnett area. They need to start playing somebody besides me. Any help would be appreciated.—-COACH STEVE (STEPHEN WAYMIRE- 770-883-4728)

  6. I found an article on you in the EAST COBBER. My daughter plays 12U ALTA and has for several years. When you do your research on “crazy tennis parents” I, along with many others I’m sure, have a few stories. Feel free to reach out to me. Thanks,

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  8. Hey Lisa, just happened to stumble onto an interview with you on the tennisrecruiting website. I’ve looked at your blog a bit and want to give you kudos for what you are doing. My daughter just graduated from a D1 school and played all four years. I remember those days of stumbling our way through junior tennis and her hoping to play college tennis. It is easier for girls because it is a head count sport offering eight full scholarships, but still, the lack of real info out there was frustrating. Through the years, even when she was still playing juniors, I was more than happy to share whatever I learned with other parents. But I cannot say that about everyone. Keep up the great work you are doing, and good luck to your son in reaching his goals.

  9. Hey Lisa,

    You have an awesome site! Thank you for all the information. I am a USPTA coach. I run a few tennis facilities in the DC metropolitan area. Also, I have just come up with a coaching tool for all coaches and parents to get the best results from their athletes. It is an online video editing software that allows you to annotate videos and give students individualized attention outside of lessons. Please check it out at http://www.coachmyclip. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

    Thank You.


  10. Dear Lisa,
    What a great site! I have a question for you or anyone else — What’s the difference between Tim Donovan’s college recruiting help and Scholarship for Athletes? We’re trying to pick one and I have no experience with either, nor have I heard comparison. Thanks for any feedback you may have.
    Amy at

    1. amy, you might want to post your question on our Facebook page – i’m guessing some of the folks who visit that page will have some great info to share! my only experience is with Scholarship for Athletes but i know people who have used Donovan, too.

  11. Hello Lisa,

    Thank you for coming to HBOWatch to comment on the STATE OF PLAY: TROPHY KIDS documentary. Feel free to return to see what kind of discussion develops or better yet come back and help start one.

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