Many of you have asked why I chose to convert to a membership platform. As I wrote in, after over 8 years of producing free content, I think it’s finally time to start generating some revenue to cover the expenses involved in running both a website and a podcast. While I am incredibly grateful to those businesses that have advertised on the site and those individuals who have made donations to the site, I still run at a significant financial deficit each year. You may not know I pay a monthly podcast hosting fee, an annual web hosting fee, an annual domain registration fee, and all expenses when I travel to events like the NCAAs and the US Open Juniors to work as credentialed media (and I am not paid for my time at all). Not to mention my equipment costs and technical support costs. Those expenses add up! 🙂

I also wanted to find a way to expand our offerings beyond articles and podcasts. So far, in our first month of Membership, we have done one webinar featuring a panel of amazing coaches to answer your questions about junior development, and we have put together a list of discounts and free products for our Premium Members. We have plans for additional webinars as well as in-person events such as the upcoming panel discussion and “speed-dating” roundtable as part of the WTCA Conference in New York in August. As I’m sure you already know, putting on these events isn’t free!

I purposely kept the membership fees low and offered a variety of options so you could each choose a level that works within your family’s Junior/College Tennis budget. For example, our Monthly Membership is $9.95, less than the cost of 10 minutes of one private tennis lesson! And you get a 10% savings when you become an Annual Member for $95.50 (discounted even more for Certified Coaches to $79.95!). There is even a Free level which gives you access to plenty of our articles and podcasts!

So, I hope you’ll decide to join at one of the levels – Free or Premium – and continue to support the work of ParentingAces. Whatever you choose, I thank you for being part of our online community!

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