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USTA Junior Circuit

Just when I think I’m all caught up with the USTA junior competition changes for 2021, I hear from a parent educating me on some new aspect! The USTA Junior Circuit is one of those elements I recently discovered.

Per Trevor Kronemann at USTA Southern California, these events are meant to be non-elimination, round-robin events that last a couple of hours. They are equivalent to SoCal’s Level 7 events in 2020.

NOTE: USTA Junior Circuit events do NOT have ranking points attached.

The USTA Junior Circuit is also the level of play that incorporates the 10 and under space. If you read the Net Generation Pathways document at, you will see these Junior Circuit events referenced in Section IIIAiii. Under the new 2021 structure, the L7 is the first ranked space now, meaning any events NOT labeled L1-L7 will NOT add to your child’s USTA ranking.

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