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Universal Tennis Junior National Pathway Road to Nationals (Part 2)

As described in our earlier article (click here to read Part 1), Universal Tennis has launched a junior tournament pathway consisting of Regional Events that will qualify players for entry into a National Event coinciding with the annual ITA College Coaches Convention in December. The purpose of these events is to expose as many junior players as possible to the benefits of playing College Tennis while giving them the chance to play on college campuses across the US. At the same time, players are earning their way to a National Event that will provide a chance to be seen by a multitude of College Coaches from all divisions and levels of programs. It’s the perfect synergy of Junior and College Tennis.

NOTE: 18-year-olds who are still in high school may request a wildcard entry spot as long as they are not officially committed to a college team roster. To request entry, players must email [email protected].

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