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Tenicity’s Roles & New Members Functions

Harsh Mankad, the co-founder of Tenicity, has shared a series of videos with us which I will continue to post individually for y’all. They are also available to view on the Tenicity How-To’s playlist on our YouTube channel. This information should help both parents and coaches to better understand the platform and how it can be used to facilitate junior development. I hope you will take a look and share with your child’s coach! Any questions may be directed to Harsh at

The second video is titled “Roles & New Members.” It explains how Tenicity is set up from a “roles” standpoint. Site privileges are tied to roles which get attached to the user based on their assigned role. You will better understand what this means when you watch the footage below, I promise! This video also explains the process of adding new member to the site and assigning roles to them.

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