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Parents – Don’t Be A Red Flag

As a follow-up to our recent podcast with Danielle McNamara on why grades matter for college recruiting, she has given us permission to reprint her recent newsletter article. If your child wants to play college tennis, I encourage you to sign up for her College Tennis Recruiting Newsletter – she shares very valuable advice in each installment through the eyes of her role as the former Head Coach at Yale Women’s Tennis and her current role as Sports Parent. 

How to Avoid Jeopardizing Your Child’s Recruitment

The “inspiration” for today’s post is a U12 soccer tournament I recently attended with my daughter during which parent behavior was even more of an issue than it normally is.  I don’t claim to be a perfect parent – having to separate what the coach in me would say from what the mom in me needs to say has been a major challenge as my own children have become more serious athletes.  But there are certain parent behaviors that I’m attuned to because of how often I’d see them on the recruiting trail.  Below are some of the ways parents can create red flags that could cause coaches to take a pass on recruiting their sons or daughters.

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