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By the Numbers: Inside the Mind of the Athlete

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While I was in New York for the WTCA Conference and the US Open, I had the opportunity to learn from some incredible coaches and parents. One of the most unique learning opportunities came on the final day of the Conference when I heard Jure Ko and Anja Prislan explain how they use numerology to help coaches understand the mindset of their players. I know this sounds kind of “woo-woo” when you first hear it, but please give this week’s episode a full listen and click on the links below. I think you will be as surprised as I was to learn what this ancient methodology can teach us!

According to Jure and Anja, the majority of coaches are closed to accepting new ways of doing things because they are comfortable with the conventional and familiar. This makes them feel secure. So a lot of the coaches and players are simply doing the same old same old and are not risking anything with a new approach. But why not try something new because what is old and proven now was new not so long ago.

Why not open yourself to a new horizon and broaden your approach to coaching, to the understanding of your players, and enjoying the tennis game? Numerology is not for everyone but something that might just change the way you work with a player that you previously really couldn’t understand! These same skills apply to your relationship with your child and can help you communicate more effectively.

Numbers chart

Anja and Jure are also offering free webinars to learn more about their methods:

Free webinar (45 minutes)
How to get a profound insight of the child/ player character

Saturday 27th October at
8pm New York,
7pm Houston,
5pm Los Angeles


Monday 29th October at
9pm New York,
8pm Houston,
6pm Los Angeles

Themes that we are going to cover:
+ Ambitious parents vs coaches
+ Connection between life and tennis
+ how can a simple technique help you to understand your child/player

Register via this email [email protected] to receive the webinar link invitation. Please indicate which date is convenient for you.

So, check out these links to learn more and to connect with Jure and Anja:

To see how Anja and Jure used their method to evaluate Serena Williams’s performance in the 2018 US Open Final, click here.

Serena Williams

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