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My New Fav: Wilson KAOS 3.0

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Wilson Tennis’s PR agency asking if I was going to be doing an article reviewing tennis shoes any time soon. Wilson was releasing a new version of its KAOS shoe and they wanted to send me a pair to try. Who’s going to turn down that offer, right?

My shoes arrived 2 weeks ago, and I was so excited when I opened the box! They are the perfect color to go with my new PacSun League Team uniform!

Beyond the beautiful pale coral color, though, these shoes are super comfortable and light-weight – 2 factors that make or break a tennis shoe for me. I have a pretty narrow foot and finding shoes that fit properly is a big challenge.

The new KAOS 3.0 have enough laces spaced so that I can adjust the tightness across my toe box, mid sole, and heel, keeping the shoes in place as I move around on a hardcourt. Wilson Tennis explains some of the improvements in Version 3.0: KAOS 3.0 has improved arch technology made to increase comfort, new mesh vents throughout the shoe for extra breathability, and are created to increase speed and better support lateral on-court movements. Mission accomplished, KAOS!

For more information and to order the shoe for yourself or your Junior Player, click here (the men’s version is here).


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