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Lately, I’ve been really torn between covering the 2014 junior competition changes for everyone versus writing about the things that are really important to me personally, like my day-to-day experiences with my son – which is the reason behind this blog to begin with.  I’m hoping that the 2014 stuff will be resolved soon so I can get back to what I really want to share with y’all . . . my tennis journey with my own child.

But, I feel like as long as the 2014 changes have a chance of being revamped or paused or (dare I say it?) overturned, I need to keep writing about them and keeping y’all informed so we can all take whatever action is necessary to create the best competitive tennis environment for our children.  I wish USTA were doing a better job of keeping the lines of communication open with all of us.  I wish USTA would use its Facebook page and Twitter feed and email to keep us all in the loop so I didn’t feel compelled to be one of the Messengers.  Oh well . . .

The good news is that USTA’s Annual Meeting is coming up soon – March 16-18 to be exact – and, hopefully, most of this stuff will be resolved there.  The Junior Competition & Sportsmanship Committee is scheduled to meet this weekend to discuss any recommended changes to the 2014 calendar as approved in March 2012.  Please note that, as of now, the bid process for 2014 tournaments has been delayed from February 1 until the week of March 25, presumably so the Powers That Be can figure out what they’re going to do about these 2014 changes.  To read USTA’s announcement on the bid process (which I had to dig deep into the USTA website to find), click here.

In the meantime, I’m compiling thoughts and notes for when I can get back to the other stuff.  I hope you’ll stick with me.


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