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Letty Van Nguyen: Development of a Tennis Parent

letty & chanelle

Letty Van Nguyen and her husband made the long, 12-hour drive from Miami to see their daughter, Chanelle (yes, she is named for Coco!), compete for the UCLA Women’s Tennis team in the NCAA Championships. They were there watching when Chanelle and her team clinched the title. They saw their daughter and her teammates celebrate with coaches Stella Sampras Webster and Rance Brown. And they are still there watching as Chanelle competes for the individual singles trophy, earning All American honors with her 2nd round win.

They’ve also been there through Chanelle’s junior tennis years, making sure she stayed on task with her school work, graduating high school one semester ahead of her classmates, and transitioning to life on the opposite coast. Letty shared with me her personal journey as a Junior Tennis Parent and how she’s handling her new role now that Chanelle is in college.





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