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How Do You Survive the Puberty Years? with Katie Malinski

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I know. No one likes talking about periods and puberty. But, it’s a reality of life and a topic that we need to discuss if we’re going to help our young players maintain a healthy body image and feel comfortable asking for help whenever and wherever they may need it.

In this week’s episode, Katie Malinski and I get pretty candid and raw in our conversation about how to talk to our children about their bodily changes, what to do if our daughter or other female player gets her period while on our watch, and how to deal with body odor and the other wonders of puberty. Katie offers up some great ideas and actual phrases we can use to reduce the awkwardness in what is typically an inherently awkward situation.

Katie Malinski is a licensed clinical social worker based in Austin, Texas, where she lives with her husband and two children. As a parenting coach and family therapist, she offers expert guidance to help families regain their balance and move forward together. Katie’s top priority is preserving your parent-child relationship, and her greatest strength is the ability to see connections and patterns that are key to resolving your family’s difficulties and discord.

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