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Helpful Info for Watching Junior Tennis

Photo courtesy of Little Mo Tennis Foundation

The following “rules” were created by an amazing high school tennis coach named Andrea Meyer who I had the pleasure of meeting at the USTA Southwest Women’s Tennis Leadership Conference in August 2023. I hope you find them useful for yourself and to share with family and friends who may come watch your junior player(s) compete!

  • Clap for great shots. There is no clapping for unforced errors.
  • Clap for your child or team. And for every other child and team that makes a great shot.
  • Players and spectators are not allowed to talk to each other. Especially, YOU may not offer advice or instruction during a match.
  • Please find an official if there’s an injury or a player needs help on court and isn’t able to get it themselves.
  • Positive and non-instructional cheering is encouraged. For example, “Good ball!” “Nice serve!” “Way to stay tough!”
  • Only players are allowed to determine the score and to call the ball in or out. It’s tempting to offer your opinion, but doing so creates an unfair and illegal advantage and is not allowed.
  • Please silence cell phones and walk well away from matches in progress while on the phone.

Meyer has been the girls tennis coach at Mingus Union High school in Cottonwood for the past 12 years and has almost always posted a winning record, coached many students to individual accomplishments in Arizona High School State competition and provided many other opportunities for her team to enhance their scholastic tennis experience.


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