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Why do I feel the need to write yet another parenting blog?  Hmmm . . . Well, for one thing, this one is specific to tennis parents.  For another, I just can’t seem to find the all information I’m looking for anywhere else.  And, now that I’ve been doing the tennis-parent thing for 6+ years, I feel like I’ve gained some valuable knowledge that you other tennis parents might be able to use.

Here’s what’s coming in the days and weeks ahead . . . navigating the USTA, Quickstart – yay or nay, Guideposts and Benchmarks, how to evaluate a coach, where do we parents fit into the puzzle, deciphering the NCAA rules, and much more!

So, there you go.  And here I go.  I hope you’ll join me on my journey by “following” my blog, “sharing” posts with your friends, and adding your comments and tips along the way!



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