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Now that we are well into Week 1 of the 2019 US Open, I wanted to send out a quick reminder about our Premium Memberships and Patreon Patron options for you to get EXTRA content on our site and podcast.

As I’ve posted on our social media channels, I had the opportunity to host two panels consisting of college tennis coaches at DI, DII, DIII, and NAIA programs to kickoff last weekend’s WTCA Conference in New York. The video recording of those panels is now available on our site and Patreon page for Premium Members and Patrons. Why should you care? If you have a junior player who aspires to play college tennis, and if you’re hoping that player earns some sort of scholarship (academic or athletic) to help pay for college, then you need to know how recruiting and scholarships work at the various levels of college tennis. HINT: Division I isn’t the only level that can assist with tuition and other college-related expenses!

I was also at the WTCA Conference all weekend and heard presentations by some of the best coaches in our sport. I videotaped the ones I thought would be useful to y’all, and they are all now available for viewing for Premium Members and Patrons. There is information on footwork, eye training, college vs. professional pathways, and more! 

If you feel this information is worth $9.95/month or $95.50/year (discounted for certified coaches) – or any size pledge on Patreon for those of you who only listen to our podcast – then please click here to become a Premium Member or here to become a Patron

In addition to these latest videos, you will also have access to other information not otherwise available on our website such as webinars, product and other discounts, a weekly e-newsletter, and free books.

So, what are you waiting for? Join now and start taking full advantage of your membership, especially given all the cool Premium content I’ll be posting next week as I cover the US Open Junior tournament!


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