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21-Day Challenge Workout Schedule


The following is a day by day list of the workouts we incorporated into our 21-Day Challenge. If you click on the name of the facility, you will go to its website. All of these classes can be found on ClassPass (click here to receive a $20 discount off your first month).

Day 1
Qi Gong at Decatur Healing Arts (Lisa & Emma)
Barre-Stretch Express at IB Yoga-Barre (Lisa & Emma)

Day 2
Pink Barre Classic at Pink Barre (Lisa & Emma)
C1 at Core Power Yoga (Lisa & Emma)

Day 3
Core Cycling at Exhale (Lisa & Emma)

Day 4
C2 at Core Power Yoga (Lisa & Emma)

Day 5
TRX at FitWit (Lisa)
C1 at Core Power Yoga (Lisa & Emma)
Cardio (Emma & Matthew)

Day 6
Intro to Aerial Yoga at Vita-Prana Yoga (Lisa)
Yoga Sculpt at Core Power Yoga (Emma)
Cardio (Emma & Matthew)

Day 7
IMPACT at Chaos Conditioning at the Forum (Lisa & Emma)
Tennis (Lisa)
Cardio (Emma & Matthew)

Day 8
Abs, Thighs, & Glutes at Fit TO BE (Lisa & Emma)
Cardio (Matthew)

Day 9
Define Mind Hammock Class at DEFINE-Atlanta (Emma)
Tennis (Lisa)

Day 10
Core Cycling at Exhale (Emma & Lisa)
Power Walk (Lisa & Matthew)

Day 11
C2 at Core Power Yoga (Emma & Lisa)
(Matthew missed his workout today – bummer!)

Day 12
TRX at FitWit (Lisa)
Barre at Solstice Urban Retreat (Emma)
Hot 60 Yoga at Evolation Yoga Atlanta (Lisa & Emma)

Day 13
Pace45 Cycling at Pace23 (Lisa & Emma)
C2 at CorePower Yoga (Emma)
Discover Hip Hop Fit at dance101 (Lisa)

Day 14
Boxing Fitness at Atlanta Sports Complex (Lisa & Emma)

Day 15
Core Cycling at Exhale (Lisa & Emma)

Day 16
Define Mind Hammock Class at DEFINE-Atlanta (Lisa & Emma)
Power Walk (Lisa & Matthew)

Day 17
Warm Hip Opening at onlYoga (Lisa & Emma)

Day 18
Tennis Drills (Lisa)
Metabolic Conditioning at Urban Body Fitness (Emma)
Mellow Flow + Meditation at Solstice Urban Retreat (Lisa)
Cardio (Emma & Matthew)

Day 19
TRX at FitWit (Lisa & Emma)
Cardio (Matthew)

Day 20
Pace45 at Pace23 (Lisa & Emma)

Day 21
Boxing Fitness at Atlanta Sports Complex (Lisa & Emma)
Bikram Yoga at Still Hot Yoga (Lisa & Emma)

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