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With the NCAA now allowing college athletes to earn money on their name, image, and likeness (NLI), there will likely be a whole new world to navigate when going through the recruiting process. As my friend, Marianne Werdel, posted on her Facebook, “The competition will no longer be where to get the best education, or where to prepare for adult life, it will be appealing to the schools that maximize your ability to ‘cash in’. Parents, get ready to add the personal branding expert to your expense spreadsheet. As if the coach, trainer, tutor, mental skills, nutritionist, and recruiting company weren’t enough.” Marianne and I will be doing a podcast in the coming weeks to take an in-depth look into NLI and its potential impact on college tennis.

One positive aspect that seems to be coming out of the NLI ruling is a new program from Universal Tennis. Paid Hits provides a platform for elite players to earn money as paid hitters for juniors, other college players, and adults.

I will be hosting a Facebook Live session Wednesday, July 14th, at 6pm ET/3pm PT to do a deeper dive into Paid Hits and how it works. Joining me will be Stephen Amritraj, Chief Tennis Officer at Universal Tennis, and Matt Andre, Director of Operations at Universal Tennis.

If you have questions about Paid Hits and how it could impact your player(s), you can email them to me at [email protected] prior to the live session OR you can tune in live and post them in the comments as we’re having our discussion. The session will be available to watch on demand on this site and on the ParentingAces YouTube channel and IGTV.


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