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Our New Podcast Series

At the suggestion of my son, Morgan, we are launching a new podcast series this week titled Junior Tennis ✅ What’s Next? 

Throughout the series, I will be interviewing some of the players who came up through the Juniors with Morgan to talk with them about their Junior Tennis Journey and what they did once that journey was complete. These players are currently in their early to mid 20s and have had a few years to reflect on the role tennis has played in their lives.

Did they go to college? If so, did they play varsity college tennis or maybe club tennis? Did they give up tennis altogether? What are they doing now that they are full-fledged adults? Where does tennis fit into their lives now? How did tennis affect and/or impact their career path?

I think you’re going to find these stories very interesting and eye-opening. Each player took a different path after their Junior Tennis years were finished, and each player is finding success in different ways today.

Look out for the first episode in this new series tomorrow here on and on your favorite podcast apps. If you want to watch the video version, you can do that here on our website and/or on our YouTube channel (why not go ahead and subscribe to it right now?!?).

If you have suggestions for others to include in our new series, please let me know in the Comments below. Thank you.


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