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Visiting Junior Tennis Academies

Since I’ve been in Southern California, Orange County to be specific, I have had invitations to visit several academies in the area. So, I decided to create a playlist on the ParentingAces YouTube Channel where I will house the interviews and video footage from the different facilities.

The first place I visited was the Brymer Lewis Academy in Irvine, one of the places my son trained when he was in high school. You’ll find several videos with interviews of coaches and players discussing the philosophy and opportunities at Brymer Lewis.

The next place I visited, at the suggestion of a member of the ParentingAces Community, was the Match Point Tennis Academy in Santa Ana. I was able to edit together the video footage into one installment on YouTube for this one.

I will continue to add videos to the playlist as I make my way to other academies over the coming months. If you have a facility you’d like me to visit, please comment below so we can arrange a time. My goal is to give y’all a glimpse into what’s happening with different coaches and academies in order to help you gauge the effectiveness of your child’s training.

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