My Letter to You During COVID-19

Dear ParentingAces Community,

I hope, first and foremost, that you and your loved ones are staying healthy. That you are following the CDC’s mandate to practice social distancing, hand-washing, and overall healthy practices to ensure your continued good health.

I know many of you (most of you?) are concerned about what COVID-19 means for the long-term tennis goals for your player(s). And, unfortunately, we don’t have a clear-cut answer for you yet. You may be forceably homeschooling – or at least overseeing virtual schooling – of your child(ren) for the first time. You may be working from home. Or you may have been laid off from your job. We are all struggling to figure this thing out as the information on COVID-19 seems to change hourly, and that alone can be stress-inducing.

However, there are some very good resources available to you as you figure out how to use this mandatory down time, and I wanted to share some of them here. If you have come across additional websites, YouTube videos, etc., please add them in the Comments below.

The ParentingAces Facebook Page and Group have some good discussions happening in real time for those of you who would like to participate. I will also continue to share information on our Twitter feed as it becomes available.

Duey Evans and I will be expanding on last week’s discussion on how best to pivot during this unprecedented time on our weekly livestream, Tennis Takeaways with Lisa & Duey, available live and on-demand on the ParentingAces YouTube Channel. Our conversations cover the Coach and Player perspective as well as the Parent perspective. When you subscribe to the channel, you can set a reminder for the livestream so you don’t miss anything. If you have specific questions or topics you’d like us to address, please send them my way.

As of today, I’m not exactly sure what’s happening with the ParentingAces Podcast and releasing new episodes. My plan is to cull through our archives and re-release episodes that are pertinent to the current situation we are all facing. Regardless, please continue to look for episodes each Tuesday morning.

And please remember: tennis is what our kids DO, not who they ARE. Taking a break from hitting fuzzy yellow balls could be the best thing to happen to your family, so please maximize this time to reconnect with those you love in a meaningful way. While there are some junior tournaments still happening, my resources tell me playing tournaments where you risk coming into contact with the virus is NOT recommended at this time. That said, playing recreational tennis with members of your immediate family with whom you are already in close contact is a great way to get outside, get some exercise, and preserve your mental health.

All I ask is that you heed the advice of WHO and CDC to help flatten the curve of this outbreak so we can all get back to life as we know it in the shortest amount of time. But most of all, just stay healthy!


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