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Tennis Industry Task Force

Earlier today, I received an email from USTA outlining a new partnership between themselves, US Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), Tennis Industry Association (TIA), and the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) to create an action plan and a centralized informational hub as our industry responds to the unprecedented challenges created by the COVID-19 virus. Please read the information below and submit your ideas/suggestions to before the March 26 deadline.

Industry Call to Action

As all of us confront the many uncertainties caused by this rapidly-shifting environment, the entire tennis industry is coming together to provide guidance and support with the difficult decisions, decisions regarding ourselves, our families and our communities, we are all facing.

To that end, the USTA, USPTA, PTR, TIA, ITA, industry media partners, and other stakeholders, have formed an industry task force charged with creating an action plan and a centralized informational hub as our industry responds to the unprecedented challenges created by the COVID-19 virus.  Now, more than ever, it is important that our industry faces this challenge with a unified front.

The task force’s work is focusing on three main areas:

1. How to ensure the best health and safety standards at this time for facilities, pros and players

2. Helpful information for facilities and individuals to access potential financial support and other recommendations on finances and resources for the front line of tennis

3. How to use the near-term downtime to best prepare our sport/industry to come back strong.

First, the task force will circulate an industry survey so that we can assess the true state of where our sport is at this moment.  Second, we are calling on providers, tennis facilities, manufacturers, subject matter experts and others in this industry to provide us with the most common and pressing concerns we are all facing in the near-term, and what are suggested actions and best practices we can take as we move forward from this immediate situation.

We ask that all individuals please submit this information to by Thursday, March 26.  This location within will now serve as an accessible hub for this information and for your concerns.

We recognize the stress and uncertainty that all members of the tennis community are facing during this period as we all deal with the far-reaching impact of the COVID-19 virus, and we are striving to serve tennis providers, partners and players in the most effective and efficient way possible.


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