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US Open KidCaster

This year, now that the US Open is back in full swing and open to the [vaccinated] public, they’ve added a few new bells and whistles to the fan experience. One such embellishment is the KidCaster initiative.

As I was sitting in the Zoom conference for US Open Media Day last Friday, I noticed a kid in the room. Once I realized his name sounded familiar – his parents are ParentingAces Premium Members – I emailed his mom to find out why he was there. And it turns out, 9-year-old Rex Kulman was selected as one of this year’s US Open KidCasters.

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What is a KidCaster and how are they selected? Watch my interview with Rex to find out:

I have reached out to USTA to get more details on the KidCaster selection process but, understandably due to the fact we’re in the middle of its biggest event, haven’t received that info just yet. As I do get more information, I will share it in the Comments here, so check back if you have a junior player interested in taking on this fun role next year! [/swpm_protected]


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