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Helpful Products & Services 9/8/21

Here is our next installment in this series which is very heavy on the mental side of tennis.

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Apeak Tennis:

Tennis can be a very frustrating challenging game. It is all about having the correct mindset when you walk on the court. First of all, understand it is an imperfect game played by imperfect people. There will never be a perfect match, either by you or your opponent. This is true from the best players to those just starting. The only thing that can perfect about tennis is your attitude. Your attitude and mindset have to be flexible enough that you can handle bad things that happen on your side of the net and bad things that your opponent does. Join the Apeak waitlist and be among the first to get access to their tennis mental training app that launches in late September. All competitive tennis players deal with stress and pressure during tournaments that prevent them from playing up to their full potential. Learn from Dr. Jim Loehr who has helped 17 number ones, including Novak Djokovic and more. Watch/listen to our podcast with Apeak founder, Brian Park, here.

Best Tennis Stringing:

USPTA Certified Tennis Instructor. Tennis Classes. Tennis Lessons. Tennis Racket Stringing in New York and Staten Island.
Junior and adult programs. Group coaching, one-off sessions or reoccurring lessons.

Mastering Tennis Psychology:

Bad stuff happens to good tennis players, but if you want to play your best tennis under pressure then you need to have an effective plan. Here is a short video that explains this mental game secret: Mastering the mental game will lead to greater success on the court as a player and teacher. When you take this on-line tennis psychology course you will be able to:

Turn pressure into a court advantage
Keep confident after a bad match
Be able to stay focused throughout a match
Stay inspired to practice and compete
Be certified as a tennis psychology expert by the International Tennis Psychology Association (IATP)

Win Your Mindset:

Win Your Mindset offers 1v1 virtual coaching for athletes of all ages. Coaches Amanda and Aaron (both former division 1 athletes and Aaron is currently a professional soccer player) help athletes become more confident and self-reliant. They will help you set realistic and measurable goals, overcome self-doubt, learn how to stop comparing yourself to others and rewire your brain to see the positive in every situation.

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