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Taking A Little Hiatus


On Friday, we leave for Santa Clara.

For my son, it’s been a long summer. Veeeeery long. Most of his friends left weeks ago. He’s been chomping at the bit to get his college career started.

For me, it’s gone by like <snaps fingers> that. I find myself choking up at the silliest things . . . songs that remind me of our road trips to tournaments, running across a photo on my phone, seeing kids practicing at the club where I take my yoga classes . . . it doesn’t take much!

So, once we get our son settled in at SCU, my husband and I are going on a road trip up the West Coast. It’s to celebrate our 30th anniversary (which was back in July), yes, but it’s also to delay the inevitable: facing the emptiness of our nest back here in Atlanta.

While I’ve been preparing for and dealing with my emotional turmoil over all this for quite some time now, I think it has just hit my husband. He is doing everything he can to cram in father-son time. I’m taking a step back to watch. ChopsMy husband and my son have always had a special relationship that has nothing really to do with tennis. DMBThey connect over expensive cars, jokes that go above my head (you know, “guy stuff”), a good steak, and The Dave Matthews Band. I love watching them together – sometimes it’s hard to tell who is the grown-up and who’s the teenager! They have these amazing heart-to-heart talks, even exchanging roles from time to time, my son taking on the role of adviser and confidante.

Of course, my guys will continue to be close even when separated by a continent, but change is inevitable, and my husband and I are both bracing ourselves for what lies ahead.

After today’s radio show, I’m going to take a step away from ParentingAces for a couple of weeks. You may see something from me on the Facebook page or Twitter feed, but no articles and no podcasts until after our trip. I hope you understand. And I hope you’ll send positive energy our way as we venture into the unknown.


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