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Jordana Klein Launches Tennis Itinerary from a Tennis & Media Background


At nine years old, you cannot truly understand how one decision could affect your life forever. When I picked up my first tennis racket, I assumed this game could be a fun, recreational sport to play at my neighborhood courts. Maybe I would join a junior league or hit around with a few friends, but what I did not know was that tennis would become my passion on and even off the court. As a former Captain of the Georgia Southern women’s tennis team, a 2015 journalism graduate, a writer with a background in blogging and media, and a passion for tennis, I launched Tennis Itinerary, a travel tennis blog geared specifically towards your needs, whether that be regarding relocation, vacation, seasonal leagues, local junior and adult clinics, and more!

Tennis Itinerary targets a national and international audience with blog posts featuring tennis resorts, venues, and facilities around the country. By providing details regarding programming, leagues, getaways, and other specific information, Tennis Itinerary can be utilized by tennis players, fans, parents, and coaches. Tennis Itinerary can lead you in the right direction for your personal needs if you are relocating or traveling to a new city. My blog can be a key tool in finding that perfect holiday tennis outing or ideal summer camp you’ve been eager to find with navigation options including Junior Programming, Adult Clinics, League play, Product Reviews, and even navigation by region and state.

I know first- hand that you cannot take a long, family vacation without bringing your rackets, so Tennis Itinerary can be a key tool in locating a morning, junior clinic so that your teen can enjoy the beach with the family during the afternoon hours.

So, for a bit more background on me, I continued playing tennis in Alpharetta, GA with my family and friends, joined Junior Team Tennis and ALTA leagues in my neighborhood, and earned my spot on the middle school, JV, and then Varsity tennis teams at Woodward Academy. I began playing local Satellite tournaments and worked my way up through Southern and National level events, with a top 10 ranking in the state of Georgia. During this time, I also competed on Woodward’s middle, JV, and Varsity volleyball team and a traveling team. Balancing morning tennis lessons, an hour-long commute to school, a full day of classes, afternoon volleyball practice, and a full evening of homework while attempting to maintain a social life, and some sanity, proved challenging. Six State Championships from two sports that complimented each other allowed me to continue to persevere. I used both sports and a schedule that tested my time- management skills to earn a Division I tennis scholarship to Murray State University for one year, and then at Georgia Southern University for my final three years.

While studying Journalism at Georgia Southern, I found my passion for writing communications, social media, blogging and the like. While competing as the Captain of the GSU tennis team and engaging in several internships, I realized my true enthusiasm for tennis, writing, and even traveling. Upon my 2015 graduation, I accepted a job with USTA Louisiana as the Junior Tennis Director. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Baton Rouge, learned so much about the tennis industry, built strong relationships, and grew my love for tennis even more. But, I yearned for that communications aspect again, so I moved back to Atlanta, began freelance writing and coaching, and launched Tennis Itinerary, a travel, tennis blog. I truly hope Tennis Itinerary can become a resource for your family, your friends, and even your teammates and doubles partners. Please contact me with any feedback or inquiries you may have through the contact page at

EDITOR’S NOTE: I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Jordana during this year’s BB&T Atlanta Open. I was so impressed by her drive and professionalism and her hunger to learn from everyone around her! I love meeting young adults who have grown up in the sport and finding out what they are doing post-junior/college-tennis. It reinforces the widely-accepted notion that tennis is truly a sport for life. Please check out her new website when you are planning your next trip – it’s a great way to weave tennis into your travel, whether for yourself or your junior player!


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