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Repurposing Tennis to Help People Grow Up with Jorge Capestany

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could find a teaching pro who actually had a college degree in Tennis? What if she had an in-depth knowledge not only of teaching forehands and backhands but also sport psychology, injury prevention, nutrition, and communication? Well, thanks to several hard-working and forward-thinking folks, the Professional Tennis Management (PTM) Certificate is now a reality!

Coach Jorge Capestany, the Head Tennis Coach at Hope College, is leading the charge to create the PTM program at his school and chats with us this week about what that program will entail, how he is recruiting students to participate, and what will set these newly-educated professionals apart from their peers.

USTA is working hard to expand the number of PTM programs around the US in order to raise the bar for those calling themselves Tennis Teaching Professionals. My hope is that we will see a big uptick in the quality of coaching in our country which will make the Tennis Parent’s job easier when it comes to choosing a coach for his/her junior player and will grow the sport at the same time.

Jorge is still developing the program and is actively seeking input on courses, curricula, and other aspects of the Certificate. If you have thoughts to share with him, you can reach him via email at [email protected].

Find Jorge online here.

Read more about the Hope PTM Certificate at

Watch the Hope PTM PowerPoint presentation here.

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