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Is This the Solution for Short-Scoring in Tennis? with Mark Milne

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If you’re a Tennis Parent or Coach, you know how frustrating it is to travel to a tournament only to find out the Tournament Director has decided to use short scoring due to weather or other impediments to play. This week’s podcast guest, Mark Milne, has a great solution to present.

Thirty30 Tennis presents a format where players start each game at the score 30-all then play out the game from there, deuces and all. This is not about no-ad scoring. It is not about sets played to 4. The only change is that each game now starts at 30-all. That’s it. Everything else stays exactly the same.

Since tennis seems to keep trying to shorten matches in order to maximize tv exposure and grow its fan base, maybe Mark’s Thirty30 Tennis is just the solution everyone is looking for?

Mark mentions Dave Miley in our conversation – you can listen to my podcast with Dave here.

Mark’s call to action for all of us is to give his format a try then report the results and our thoughts on Thirty30 Tennis to him so he can compile the results into a report for the ITF in hopes of getting this format approved for play across all levels.

I hope you enjoy listening to Mark’s beautiful Scottish Brogue as he explains Thirty30 Tennis to all of us! Please pardon the technical snafus – I am still searching for the perfect solution to doing podcasts with my guests who are based outside the US.

You can find Mark and Thirty30 Tennis online at and as @thirty30tennis so be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Email Mark at [email protected]. Read more about Thirty30 Tennis in Mark’s article for the Tennis Review here.

The ITF Rules of Tennis are online here. Be sure to check out Appendix V on Page 25!

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