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The New & Improved Apeak App ft. Brian Park

Welcome to Season 10, Episode 41, of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. In this week’s episode, we’ll be revisiting the Apeak App for training mental skills in tennis players. To watch/listen to our previous podcast with Apeak founder Brian Park, click here.

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Apeak uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help tennis players train the mental side of the game. Now partnering with noted performance psychologist, Dr. Jim Loehr, the app offers even more personally-tailored content and trainings.

After playing ITF juniors, futures, and college tennis, Brian Park began his master’s program in Sports Psychology at California State University, Fullerton. He was fortunate enough to have Dr. Ken Ravizza, one of the most well-known sports psychologists, as a member of his graduate committee. While getting his master’s degree, Brian was also coaching full-time. Coaching was a great way for him to implement the mental skills he was learning at school. He knew how critical mental skills were to the success of competitive players. Then in 2018, while doing mental training consulting with a challenging student, Brian decided to try a new approach that focused on allowing players to repeat proper ways of thinking and reflect on their performance. The results were eye opening, and it was at that moment that he knew he had found the solution he was looking for. The Apeak System was born.

As mentioned in the podcast, the new and improved Apeak is available October 12 and they are offering a 20% discount to the ParentingAces Community. Simply click here to receive the discount.

For more information on Apeak, please visit their website here. You can reach Brian via email at [email protected].

As always, a big thank you to Morgan Stone, aka STØNE, for our intro and outro music this season. You can find more of his music at If you’re interested in House Music, please be sure to check out his social media channels on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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