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A Tennis Academy That Inspires ft. Carley & Marcin Rozpedski

Welcome to Season 13, Episode 14, of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. This week, we visit with the directors of a junior tennis academy in South Florida about their approach to overall junior development as well as overall human development.

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Carley and Marcin Rozpedski are a husband and wife duo who have recently taken the reigns at the Inspiration Academy in Bradenton, Florida. Not solely by coincidence, they are located just a few blocks away from the IMG Academy, which many of you will know by name if not by reputation.

Coach Marcin’s Expectations (click to enlarge)

Both Carley and Marcin are active members of the ParentingAces Facebook community and often offer valuable advice to other Tennis Parents in the midst of this exciting journey with their own kids. As a former top junior and college player, as well as a successful ATP player, Marcin understands what it takes to help a child achieve their dreams on the tennis court. As Carley says, she married into tennis, but now as a Tennis Parent herself, has had her own trial by fire as she has helped guide their three sons on the journey to their goals.

We won’t go into too much detail here about the philosophy of Inspiration Academy – you’ll need to watch/listen to the podcast for that information – but we do have an amazing opportunity for one female and one male player . . .

Tennis Ambassador Program (click to enlarge)

Inspiration Academy is offering ONE WEEK OF FREE ALL-INCLUSIVE TRAINING this summer to the winner of the ParentingAces Tennis Means Love contest! To enter, please complete and submit the contest entry form at NO LATER THAN MAY 1. The entry form must be completed BY THE PLAYER – please, mom and dad, do not do the entry for your child (and, yes, we’ll be able to tell if you did!). We will choose one male and one female to receive the Grand Prize of one week at the Inspiration Academy during Summer 2024 – travel costs to and from the academy will be the responsibility of the winners though Inspiration may be able to assist if needed.

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