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A Parent/Player Perspective on ParentingAces ft. Scott & Bode Campbell

Welcome to Season 13, Episode 15, of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. This week, father-son duo, Scott and Bode Campbell, share a real-world example of a family from Minnesota (please ignore my mistake in the opening to the episode – I do know the difference between Minnesota and Wisconsin!) trying to navigate high level junior tennis utilizing the resources and content created and curated by ParentingAces. In this episode, you will learn how a parent and family has used this forum to answer questions they had about junior tennis and become exposed to the latest trends in training, college recruiting, and parenting well.

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Scott grew up in a tennis family and has played – and coached – throughout his life, including having a wonderful college tennis career at DePauw University. When his children were born, Scott knew he wanted to introduce them to tennis as well as other sports due to the lessons he learned through being an athlete. Oldest child, Greta, found her passion in dance (following in her mother’s shoes). Middle and youngest sons, Bode and Gus, found their passion in a variety of sports including soccer, hockey, basketball, and, of course, tennis.

Though Scott felt he knew a lot about junior tennis and the developmental pathways available, he also knew there was a lot he DIDN’T know. When Bode was 12, Scott stumbled upon the ParentingAces podcast and website and has used our extensive resources to inform his family’s journey ever since.

Bode continued to play multiple sports throughout middle school but realized last year that if he wanted to fulfill his dream of playing college tennis, it was time to bow out of hockey and the others. He feels like the resources his dad discovered through ParentingAces have made an enormous difference in terms of his on- and off-court training and his college recruiting efforts. Finishing his junior year of high school, staying in traditional school throughout, Bode is excited for what the summer will bring in terms of his development and competitive opportunities.

Both Scott and Bode recognize the wealth of resources ParentingAces brings to families who are just trying to understand if and how high-level tennis (college and beyond) can be figured out. They have used those resources to help Bode get to his goal of playing in college and hope other families understand how valuable ParentingAces can be from start to finish.

Scott has graciously offered to field any questions you may have via email: [email protected]. You can find both Scott and Bode on Instagram as well. Scott is and Bode is

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