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As promised in my last article, How the ITF is Failing Our Players, below are two bonus episodes of the ParentingAces Podcast.

The first is with Jared, Aron, and David Hiltzik. Jared and Aron are both former University of Illinois players who are now making their way on the professional circuit; David is their father.

Jared Hiltzik
Tweet from Jared Hiltzik

Because both Jared and Aron are having trouble getting into any tournaments right now due to the new ITF rules, they have decided to pursue a business on the side so they can continue to earn money to pay their bills. Be sure to take a look at their website at and at this recent article written about Jared (click here).

The second Bonus Episode is with Shelby Talcott. You may recognize her name from my last article – she is the player who wrote the blog post about the ITF’s $70 million sponsorship from SportsRadar, an online betting site. Shelby addresses the question of why parents of junior tennis players need to be concerned about these latest actions from the ITF. You can reach Shelby via her blog here or via email at [email protected].

Lest you think it’s just lower-ranked players speaking out against the ITF’s rules, check out this video by Janko Tipsarevic, ranked as high as 8 in the world in 2012:

While the ITF announced last week that it has increased the size of the qualifying draw from 24 to 32 in its World Tennis Tour events (click here), there is still a lot of work to be done here. In case you missed it, the ITF also announced that IMG is now sponsoring its Junior Rankings (click here for ITF press release) which brings up even more concerns. Please continue supporting the players by listening to the podcasts below (click the white arrow to listen) and reading the information shared here and on the ParentingAces social media channels.

 Jared, Aron, & David Hiltzik Podcast


Shelby Talcott Podcast

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