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What Is Going On In College Tennis?

There is so much happening on the College Tennis Front these days – some good, some not so good – that I wanted to do a quick update for those of you who are, like me, on the brink of getting your junior player ready for this next step. Please feel free to discuss any or all of the following points in the Comments section.

  • The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) recently published its pre-season individual ranking list for both men and women (see below) as well as its ranking list for incoming freshmen. Just looking at the names on the men’s list, 26 of the top 50 (those in bold type below, 52%) are from outside the US. For the freshmen men, 8 out of 10 (80%) are foreign. Yet, on the women’s side, only 14 out of the top 50 (28%) are foreign while 3 out of the top 10 (30%) freshmen women are from outside the States. Why are the women’s coaches doing so much better at attracting top American players?
  • When you consider the fact that fully-funded Division I universities only have 4 1/2 scholarships to award on the men’s side and 8 on the women’s, it makes you think twice about why we in the US are willing to spend well into the 6 figures to help our juniors develop their tennis games when the chance of them getting any type of college scholarship – or a spot in the lineup – is so slim. Yes, tennis has become a global sport – and college tennis has become global as well – and that’s a great thing, in my opinion. But, what are the ramifications of that globalization? I’ve posed this question before, but does the NCAA need to limit the number of foreign scholarships and should USTA and ITA take a strong leadership role in bringing this about? The USTA (and ITA to some extent) have said limiting foreign scholarships would open up universities to a slew of discrimination lawsuits, but there is no evidence to back up that assumption. In fact, effective August 2012, the National Junior College Athletics Association (NJCAA) limits the number of foreign players on any sport team to 25% of the total roster (2 for tennis). At the moment, only 25% can be on scholarship but there is NO limit on the number of students who can pay their own way and be on the team. Why couldn’t the NCAA adopt a similar rule?
  • While the ITA approved no-ad scoring and clinch-clinch for the 2014-2015 season, NCAA has decided to table the discussion on the format for its 2015 National Championships. Colette Lewis of spoke with the ITA’s David Benjamin who told her that the ITA Operating Committee will convene soon and will likely make a decision concerning scoring for the Fall events by early next week. Historically, the college coaches have adopted whatever format would be used at the National Championships during the Spring dual-match season. If the NCAA decides to stick with traditional scoring for now, it will be interesting to see if the ITA and the coaches themselves follow suit. As of publication, there is still no additional information on either the NCAA or ITA website regarding yesterday’s decision.
  • I had a chance to speak with several college coaches while I was at the Open. Though they may have differing opinions when it comes to no-ad scoring, I didn’t find a single coach who felt that using a clinch-clinch format is in the best interest of their players or their team. Luckily, ITA allows the coaches to choose whether or not to play no-ad or clinch-clinch in dual matches. As long as both coaches agree before the match begins, they can decide to play out all singles and doubles matches even after one team secures the overall match win. I suspect we’ll see all (or at least most) teams playing to completion despite the ITA ruling.


Men’s rankings

1 Julian Lenz Baylor University
2 Yannick Hanfmann University of Southern California
3 Axel Alvarez Llamas University of Oklahoma
4Mitchell FrankUniversity of Virginia
5 Søren Hess-Olesen University of Texas
6Jared HiltzikUniversity of Illinois
7 Brayden Schnur North Carolina
8Winston LinColumbia University
9Gonzales AustinVanderbilt University
10 Farris Gosea University of Illinois
11Harrison AdamsTexas A&M University
12Austin SmithUniversity of Georgia
13Mackenzie McDonaldUCLA
14 Amerigo Contini Virginia Tech
15Shane VinsantTexas A&M University
16Dane WebbUniversity of Oklahoma
17Nathan PashaUniversity of Georgia
18Denis NguyenHarvard University
19 Roberto Cid University of South Florida
20 Romain Bogaerts Wake Forest University
21Hunter ReeseUniversity of Tennessee
22 Leandro Toledo University of Minnesota
23Ronnie SchneiderNorth Carolina
24 Mikelis Libietis University of Tennessee
25Andrew AdamsUniversity of South Carolina
26 Diego Galeano Baylor University
27Jason TahirDuke University
28Ryan ShaneUniversity of Virginia
29 Leonard Stakhovsky Penn State University
30Hunter HarringtonClemson University
31 Lloyd Glasspool University of Texas
32 Lukas Ollert Auburn University
33 Roberto Quiroz University of Southern California
34Nick ChappellTCU
35 Jordi Vives Florida Gulf Coast University
36 Florian Lakat Mississippi State University
37 Alen Salibasic Drake University
38 Connor Glennon University of Memphis
39Jonny WangUniversity of Southern California
40 Andrew Harris University of Oklahoma
41Austin PowellNorth Carolina State University
42 Carlos Lopez Villa Old Dominion University
43 Felipe Soares Texas Tech University
44Tim KopinskiUniversity of Illinois
45Gage BrymerUCLA
46Jeremy EfferdingTexas A&M University
47 Max de Vroome University of Southern California
48Becker O’ShaughnesseyUniversity of Alabama
49 Chris Simpson Louisiana State University
50 Ben Wagland University of Georgia
Incoming freshman men’s rankings
1Noah RubinWake Forest University
2 Guillermo Nunez TCU
3 Cameron Norrie TCU
4 Alexander Ritschard University of Virginia
5 Wayne Montgomery University of Georgia
6 Piotr Lomacki University of Miami
7Martin RedlickiUCLA
8 Nicolas Alvarez Duke University
9 Hugo Di Feo Ohio State University
10 Julian Cash Mississippi State University

Women’s rankings

1Jamie LoebNorth Carolina
2Robin AndersonUCLA
3Hayley CarterNorth Carolina
4Beatrice CapraDuke University
5Julia ElbabaUniversity of Virginia
6Lauren HerringUniversity of Georgia
7Chanelle Van NguyenUCLA
8Lynn ChiCalifornia
9Silvia GarciaUniversity of Georgia
10Danielle CollinsUniversity of Virginia
11Emina BektasUniversity of Michigan
12Ester GoldfeldDuke University
13Breaunna AddisonUniversity of Texas at Austin
14Brianna MorganUniversity of Florida
15Zoë ScandalisUniversity of Southern California
16Zsofi SusanyiCalifornia
17Carol ZhaoStanford
18Stephanie WagnerUniversity of Miami (Florida)
19Sabrina SantamariaUniversity of Southern California
20Lorraine GuillermoPepperdine
21Ronit YurovskyUniversity of Michigan
22Taylor DavidsonStanford
23Romy KölzerClemson University
24Yana KorolevaFlorida International University
25Denise StarrCalifornia
26Viktoriya LushkovaOklahoma State University
27Kyle McPhillipsUCLA
28Desirae KrawczykArizona State University
29Quinn GleasonUniversity of Notre Dame
30Krista HardebeckStanford
31Stefanie TanTCU
32Stephanie NautaUniversity of Virginia
33Caroline DoyleStanford
34Saska GavrilovskaTexas A&M University
35Caroline PriceNorth Carolina
36Pleun BurgmansAuburn University
37Kiah GeneretteBaylor University
38Giuliana OlmosUniversity of Southern California
39Frances AltickVanderbilt University
40Eve RepicUniversity of Tennessee
41Nadia RavitaUniversity of Kentucky
42Georgiana PatrascMississippi State University
43Maegan ManasseCalifornia
44Georgina SellynVanderbilt University
45Erin RoutliffeUniversity of Alabama
46Stephanie VladArizona State University
47Kelsey LaurenteOklahoma State University
48Alanna WolffPrinceton University
49Ellen TsayStanford
50Sydney CampbellVanderbilt University

Incoming freshmen women’s rankings

1Brooke AustinUniversity of Florida
2Josie KuhlmanUniversity of Florida
3Christina MakarovaDuke University
4Peggy PorterUniversity of Florida
5Ellen PerezUniversity of Georgia
6Borislava BotusharovaOld Dominion
7Johnnise RenaudGeorgia Tech
8Gabrielle SmithUniversity of Southern California
9Meredith XeopoleasUniversity of Southern California
10Asiya DairBoston College


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