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UTR to Launch Junior Team Format Feb 2021

I received the following release from UTR this morning and wanted to share it with you. In light of the ITF’s new World Tennis Number (WTN) and concern about how USTA will use WTN and UTR in its own rankings and tournament selections (see this and this), UTR’s timing couldn’t be better for offering a new team element for junior players. Here’s the release:

Universal Tennis is excited to announce the release of UTR Team Tennis. UTR Team Tennis is a fun time-based, co-ed format where players compete against each other and the clock. All results from UTR Team Tennis count towards players’ Verified UTR.


  • Minimum eight (8) players per team, co-ed, under 18 years old
  • Five-week round robin league season with a guaranteed 5th week playoff match for all teams
  • Time-based play with two minute warning, no ad-scoring, no sitting on changeovers
  • Guaranteed level-based matches based off of UTR
  • All scores count towards Verified UTR

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Interested In Bringing UTR Team Tennis To Your City?

UTR is launching UTR Team Tennis Leagues across the United States. Interested in managing a league or fielding a team?

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For complete Rules & Regulations, click here.


    Lisa Stone on 24th Jul 2024

    Another announcement from UTR on February 3, 2021: Announcing a new partnership with the National Federation of State High School Associations! NFHS hopes to use UTR to significantly reduce “stacking” in high school tennis, a tactic employed by coaches to place higher caliber players against lower caliber players to create favorable scoring matchups.

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