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UPDATED: USTA Info All in One Place

What would a new year be in the tennis world without Junior Competition changes? With the start of the 2022 year comes USTA’s soft rollout of the ITF’s World Tennis Number (WTN). And, when you start learning about WTN, if it sounds familiar, well, it’s not so different from Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) in its basic features. I have requested an interview with someone at USTA to give us all more detail on how WTN will work with the current junior competition and ranking structure, so please stay tuned.

In the meantime, below is a list of resources that will hopefully prove helpful as those of you based in the US navigate through tournaments this year.

Your USTA Ranking & Tournament Questions Answered (2021)

ITF World Tennis Number (WTN)

2022 USTA National Junior Tournament Schedule

2022 USTA Junior Ranking System

2022 Friend At Court (Official USTA rules of play)

USTA Junior RegulationsNOTE: This document has not yet been updated and published for 2022

Interview on 2021 Junior Competition & Ranking Structure with Dan Holman

USTA’s the Question. So What’s the Answer? (2021)

Analysis of USTA Q&A (2021)



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