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Sean Hannity’s Letter & USTA’s Response

On June 26, 2012, political analyst Sean Hannity posted a letter on his blog addressed to USTA concerning the revised national competition schedule for junior players. Today, I received an email from Timothy Russell, Chair of USTA’s Junior Competition Committee. Links to Mr. Hannity’s post as well as USTA’s response are below:

Sean Hannity’ Blog

Patrick McEnroe’s Response

Timothy Russell’s Response

NOTE:  I have updated formatting for the links so you should be able to click on them now.  Sorry for the confusion earlier!

**July 18, 2012 Edit:

Sean Hannity’s Response to Tim Russell

**July 27, 2012 Edit:

Tom Walker’s Response to Sean Hannity (scroll down article to get direct link)

**August 5, 2012 Edit:

Antonio Mora’s Response



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