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I know I’ve posted quite a bit recently about USTA’s 2021 tournament and ranking platform, and it may be challenging to keep up with everything. So, here it is in reverse order, all in one place, for you to watch and read at your convenience!

Click the video or article title to watch/read. I’m also trying to make sure to post everything on our socials – Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram – so be sure to subscribe and follow us if you’re so inclined. I have sent all of this to USTA’s new CEO/Executive Director, Mike Dowse, in hopes he will watch and read it and take quick action to rectify the damage already done in the first quarter of 2021.

I will continue to take your questions and concerns to USTA as you wish and will continue to urge them to do the right thing by US Tennis Families.

For those of you at the Easter Bowl this week, please introduce yourself and say hello – I always love meeting ParentingAces folks live and in person.  🙂

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