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Our College Recruiting Experience

I’ve been wanting to share my son’s college recruiting experience with y’all but wasn’t sure the best way to do that. I’ve decided to do it via the radio show, but I need your help!

Please answer the poll question below so I can decide when to actually air the show. Then, if you’re unable to join us live on the air, email me any questions you’d like me to address. They can be questions about our experience or questions that are coming up for you during your family’s experience – I’ll do my best to answer them! As always, the show will be available via podcast shortly after it airs – you’ll be able to listen to it on our Radio Show/Podcasts page or on our YouTube channel.

To any of the college coaches out there, I’d love to have you join me for this show, too! Recruiting consultants are also absolutely welcome. I’ll post an update once I have a firm day and time.

UPDATE: The show will air live Tuesday, July 21st, 7pm ET! Click here for details.

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