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Join Me Tomorrow to Discuss College Recruiting

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Thank you to those who answered our poll question posted a couple of days ago!

Please join me this Tuesday (July 21) at 7pm ET on the UR10sNetwork to discuss my family’s experience with college recruiting.

While some of you have already emailed me your questions, I am hoping you’ll call into the show so we can really get into the details of how this whole thing works. The call in number is 714-583-6853 and the show will go on as long as you have questions!

The recruiting process is different for every athlete, but there are definitely some universal principles that should help you get started. After you listen to the show, I encourage you to talk to other families who have recently gone through it, too, to gain additional insights and perspectives.

If you’re unable to join the show and have questions you’d like me to address, you can always email them to me at [email protected] before tomorrow evening.

To the college coaches and recruiting consultants out there, I hope you’ll call in to share your expertise. And, to those of you who have already traveled this particular road, I’m sure the ParentingAces audience would love to hear from you, too!

So, mark your calendar for tomorrow, July 21st, 7pm ET, call 714-583-6853, and please join the college recruiting conversation. I’m looking forward to chatting with y’all!



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